What is Vetshelf?

Shouldn't running your veterinary clinic be easy?

You have things to do. Patients to see. Business to grow. You shouldn't have to deal with the headaches of computers that break down at the worst times, ridiculous software that makes you jump through hoops, and nonstop hassle from your vendor.

Vetshelf combines a clean, modern interface with an intelligent search system so that it can get out of your way as fast as possible.

Because you shouldn't need to care about the tools.

What Can It Do?

Manage your clients and patients, and find them again with no fuss.

Track your appointments, and present due dates at a glance.

Work on your Android or Apple phones and tablets—no need for expensive hardware.

We run the boring stuff like servers and backups.

Wait—You Have Our Data?

We hold it, but you own it!

Vetshelf was born partially out of frustration with vendors that held our data hostage. We think that's wrong, so we will make it very easy for you to make your own backups and pull out all of your data for whatever purpose you like.

Sounds Great! What's It Cost?

Our thinking is that when you are starting a new practice, the last thing you need to worry about is computers, bills, and endless paperwork from your software vendor. They should be making your life easier!

We will make the full details available when we launch, but we fully intend to be a veterinary startup's Best Friend!